Shanghai takes the metaverse to 20 urban spots with its release

Shanghai, China is rapidly incorporating the metaverse into daily life. The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatizations recently announced a pilot program that would transform 20 urban areas into “major metaverse applications scenarios.” These locations would incorporate digital technology in many different ways.

The city’s tech will offer smarter services across a variety of fields, including education, business, entertainment and even its healthcare system. For example, the Ruijin Hospital is developing a VR (virtual reality) room based on metaverse technology to examine patients’ rooms.

Doctors working at the Shanghai ENT & Eye Hospital use a metaverse diagnostic system set up in the same field. This system uses 3D scanning equipment to examine patients’ conditions.

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The Oriental Pearl Tower is a large tower also known as a landmark. It reaches a height of nearly half a kilometer. By using a VR-enabled application, visitors to the tower can fly over the commercial center of Shanghai. This is one of the many attractions that offer metaverse features.

The Shanghai Tower recently underwent a renovation. Its general manager, Guo Yifeng, hopes this renewed focus will help draw in more visitors. He said :

“New metaverse projects hope to make marketing on the internet more accessible andinteresting by making people’s online visits more enriched.”

In addition to the aforementioned areas, China’s CBDC is expected to launch later this year in another popular commercial location— Nanjing Road. Both of these locations feature prominent shopping districts.

The city of Shanghai announced a specific goal in July 2017. The plan was to create a metaverse cluster worth $52 billion by 2025. In order to achieve this, the city outlined different tasks and initiatives it would need to complete. One of these was adding a digital component to many different activities and sectors.

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