Playstation is further introduced into the universe of NFTs

Sony’s new patent shows that the company is researching ways to track in-game assets using NFTs. Despite this, their chief competitor, Xbox, is taking a more conservative approach to new technologies.

Sony has expressed interest in both NFTs and blockchain technology through patent filings. One of these filings, titled “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger,” focuses on the applications of NFTs in games. Specifically, it covers how to use, modify and create digital assets in a video game.

Sony is known as a major gaming company; it considered using NFTs in its games. As expected, this led to the patent being submitted on May 7, 2021. Although the patent wasn’t published until recently, it was first submitted on May 7, 2021.

The patent mentions the baseball card industry as an example of NFTs with value. It notes that the cards could have value if they could be moved across different platforms or blockchains. The patent notes specific focus on the eSports and related industries. It stated that many people follow these events and individuals in these industries could create NFTs for special occasions.

Sony appears to be moving ahead with their plans to implement NFTs. However, Microsoft has only hinted at considering NFTs. The head of Xbox’s gaming department, Phil Spencer, stated that there could be “some interesting things” with NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics. Nevertheless, he cautioned people against trusting these systems.

Sony is working with Theta Labs to create 3D NFTs— or Near-facial Recognition Technology — that can be used with spatial displays. This isn’t the first time Sony has worked with NFTs; the company teamed up with Theta Labs for their blockchain validator program.

Sony Music has considered using NFTs for releases, andColumbia Records has a trademark on mixed reality for NFTs. Additionally, NFTs would be viewable in mixed reality. This is another rapidly developing technology that Sony Music considers using.

Several large companies have announced plans to include NFTs in their products. For example, Square Enix announced a Symbiogenesis NFT Project in which their products will be NFT-based. At the same time, Atari announced a collection with Butcher Billy, an artist celebrating “50 years of Atari,” as an NFT.

Since the launch of Ubisoft Quartz, a platform for “energy-efficient NFTs” that can be played, the company has put an end to supporting and featuring NFT content on Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It is one of the biggest developments by far.

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