Litercoin: second currency with the largest number of ATMs in the world

Cryptocurrency ATMs provide users with easy access to digital assets and are a simple way to convert traditional currencies into digital assets. In fact, the number of ATMs available is one of the data to measure the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Litercoin (LTC) has become the second cryptocurrency with the largest number of ATMs available worldwide, with a figure that amounts to 3,709; only surpassed by Bitcoin, with 5,550 machines.

In addition, the ATM network that supports LTC is rapidly approaching the sum of all the ATMs that support all the combined currencies. Currently this number is 3,928.

On August 6, LTC suffered its second half reduction in the reward for miners; so the potential impact that this event could have on the price of LTC was feared, but the cryptocurrency did not show a price increase after its reduction in the miner’s reward.

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