Cointorus Basic Course


Lesson 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investment

  • Overview of the cryptocurrency market
  • Understanding the technology behind cryptocurrencies
  • Different types of cryptocurrencies and their uses
  • Importance of performing due diligence before investing

Lesson 2: Bitcoin 101

  • History and development of Bitcoin
  • Understanding the Bitcoin blockchain
  • How to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Storing and securing Bitcoin
  • Analyzing the current market trends and price movements

Lesson 3: Ethereum and Altcoins

  • Overview of Ethereum and its use cases
  • Introduction to other popular altcoins and their unique features
  • How to evaluate and choose which altcoins to invest in
  • Risks and considerations when investing in altcoins

Lesson 4: Trading Strategies

  • Introduction to technical analysis and chart reading
  • Understanding different trading strategies such as swing trading, day trading, and scalping
  • How to develop a personalized trading plan
  • The importance of risk management and discipline

Lesson 5: Taxation and Legal Considerations

  • Understanding the tax implications of cryptocurrency investment
  • Laws and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency investment in different countries
  • How to stay compliant and avoid legal issues

Lesson 6: Crypto Wallets and Security

  • Overview of different types of crypto wallets including software, hardware, and paper wallets
  • Best practices for securing your crypto assets
  • How to protect yourself from scams and fraud

Lesson 7: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Understanding the concept of decentralized finance and its potential impact on the financial industry
  • Overview of popular DeFi projects and their use cases
  • How to evaluate and invest in DeFi projects

Lesson 8: Practical Exercises and Case Studies

  • Hands-on exercises to help students apply what they have learned
  • Case studies of real-world cryptocurrency investments
  • Group discussions and Q&A sessions for further learning and engagement.